About us


Techshine Electronics Co., Ltd ( DUNS number: 528573157)


■Main business :    

Customized LCD/LCM with accessories(Passive LCD/LCM, TFT module with TP, PCBA, etc)  

Sales Headquarter---Bao'an, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Manufacturing Center---Lingshan, Qinzhou, Guangxi, China
440 Millions RMB

Y2016---320M RMB (Appr. 53M USD);
Y2017---450M RMB (Appr. 72M USD);
Y2018---560M RMB (Appr. 85M USD), Unaudited;

■Factory area:  
■Production facilities: 
STN-LCD automatic production line X 2                      Configuration: Mother glass size=14*16 inch;  Minimal pixel-gap=0.008mm
LCM module automatic production line X 10               Configuration: Full-automation
TFT module automatic production line X 5                  Configuration: Full-automation; Maximum 8 inch + Semi-automation, Maximum 15 inch.
Touch panel OCA lamination production line X 1         Configuration:  Full-automation; Maximum 8 inch

SONY Green Partner

Development history

  • 2019

    IATF16949 Certification

  • 2018

    Global revenue achieved 560M RMB (Appr. 85M USD)
    Oversea revenue achieved 130M RMB (Appr. 20M USD
    Passive module process extend to be 10 lines
    TFT module process extend to be 5 lines (Add one semi-auto line which can support between 8~15inch TFT module process)

  • 2017

    Passive module process extended to be 8 lines
    TFT module process extended to be 4 lines
    Set up touch panel optical bonding line(OCA lamination)

  • 2016

    Rename as "Techshine Electronics Co.,Ltd"
    Set up 2nd STN-LCD front process line
    Passive module line extended to be 6 lines
    TFT module line extended to be 3 lines
    Guangxi factory office building set up

  • 2015

    Obtained SONY Green Partner Certification

  • 2013

    Obtained ISO9001:2008 Certification
    Obtained ISO14001 Certification
    Guangxi Province Excellent Company Award

  • 2011

    Set up STN-LCD front process line
    Set up module process line
    Started ODM/OEM business for TIANMA Micro-Electronics

  • 2010

    Achieved Core Supplier Award of Galanz (Worldwide leading microwave oven maker)

  • 2006

    Shenzhen Sales Headquarter set up

  • 2005

    Techshine Micro-Electronics Co.,Ltd established
    TN-LCD production start

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